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Stages of Pregnancy Development

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The stages for the development starts initially when an embryo is only one week old and slowly and gradually it enhances till the last nine week of the stage with extreme complexities and complications to an expected mother to deliver a healthy baby in return.
The stages of pregnancy development are also known upon by trimesters as each trimester implies the development stage in its own way for example: In first trimester a pregnant woman has to maintain an ovulation calendar that is she has to keep an eagle eye the moment she had a conception and able to understand that how could she take care of the baby inside till the end of the delivery session.

Stages of Pregnancy Development

First Trimester: In it she has to endure the following symptoms responsible to trigger a process of development of an embryo such as: Excessive tenderness; lethargy; sickness in the morning; acute headaches as though the pain is of the migraine; she experiences frequent urination trips to the bathroom etc.
At the time of the end of the first trimester the uterus of a pregnant woman expands and starts resembling to the size of a grapefruit and the size of the baby inside the womb reaches to the size of a “cherry”. The baby in this stage isn’t fully grown but a mother can feel reflexes of the baby inside with heartbeat sensations and feeling of the limbs of the tiny structured baby.
The gynecologists all around the world are able to recommend a pregnant woman to even go through the pressures of exercising but at a little regular intervals so that enormous amount of aerobic exercising might not affect the delicate organs of the baby. Keeping the baby safe and sound in every form possible because it can even become a life and death stage for the delicate baby to survive in such harsh conditions.
Second Trimester: The oversize structure of the stomach talks itself the woman is pregnant in the second difficult stage and the pregnancy discomforts in this stage is relevant such as: Insomnia (sleeping disorders); The contraction of the hicks; there is experienced by the doctors a specific hairline growth over the body of the delicate baby so that the temperature of the baby’s body can regulate efficiently till it delivers by the mother.
In second trimester the baby is able to develop senses of his/her own. The baby will be able to hear the background sounds of the worldly environment and can have sensation for light entering into the womb with a feeling of pitch darkness as well. The baby is (25 cms.) 10 inches long and it starts the kicking process which is extremely painful for the pregnant woman to bear and to make her cry instantly.
Third Trimester: The third is the last and the least stage for baby to grow and even ready to see the outside world sooner or later as the pregnant woman feels to urinate as much as possible with again frequent trips to the powder room and the woman prepares herself for taking systematic breastfeeding classes so that the well-being of the baby is assured.
All the development processing of the baby that started from a simple embryo structure to the acute pains and now the safe and sound delivery is completed except the formation of the lungs till it continues to develop until the last end stage of her delivery. In the third trimester the pregnant expected mother and her baby is about to receive the due date of her delivering a healthy baby to the outside world with intellect; sensation identifications; strong body-building cells to fight infectious agents to be contracted by the environment; walking and speech ability; etc.
In only rare circumstance does the baby is born with birth-defects or in other words congenital defects found in the mother’s womb stem cells. The due date decides whether the baby should be delivered pre-matured or be delivered under normal circumstances. A lady already delivered baby twice or thrice can expect to make the next delivery before or after the due date. All the trimesters are understood according to weeks that are 40 weeks in total i.e. week 1 to 14; week 15 to 26 and then week 27 to 40.

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