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Skin Ailments

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The variousailments of the skin are:
Small Cysts formation over the skin
Rosacera (red pigmentation of the face)
Scars or Rashes
Urticaria or Hives
Varicose veins; Spider veins
stretch marks; impetigo of the skin
Blackheads at the spotswhich are un-treated or out unsighted by nature such as: cheeks, shoulders, chest, neck and face etc.
The following names as mentioned above are some of the acute diseases of the skin known to dermatologists all around the world and if they are ill-treated might take the shape of extreme consequence.
These are not some different features of skin ailments which affects the very life of the patient suffering out but has the influence of other external environmental factors such as: Insect bites which causes the poison or venomous toxicity inside the lower and upper surface of the skin; Th stings of the wasps; Fire ants sting; etc.
The allergic skin reactions are commonest features to a dematologist but it should be treated immediately with consequences repurcussion out of ill-treatment or late treatment of the allergy.
The other form of external ailment of the surface of the skin is the effect of the scorching skin over the surface which burns and makes the skin dry and itchy by nature. It is rather understood in a term called upon as “Sun-Tanning”.

Features of Skin Ailment

* Skin Aging: Skin aging occurs due to fine lines formation over the surface; sagging of the facial skin with extreme dryness over the surface; wrinkles and skin cancers etc. These doesn’t happen when at the adolescence age but progresses overtime as the human body enhances or grow old and reach to the exact but ending part of the skin to grow in the first instance.
An appropriate wrinkle cream after the age 30 can be utilized to get rid of early age-old skin problems. The hormonal imbalance due to puberty also triggers the contingency of skin ailment in the early age of the life of a girl. The sebaceous gland secretes a larger amount of oil which should be responsible for lubricating the skin but the pores are clogged causing acne formation due to it.
* Scorching Ultra-violet Heat: The skin that should radiate towards light is in turn get completely burn and black marks are visible to a naked eye and vitamin D is lost from the surface of the skin that helps for the adoption of lubricating process inside the skin and continuous exposure causes chance to happen over the surface.
The leathering of the skin with loose attitude can be overcome by gentle massaging techniques as dark pigmentation are controlled by such massaging of the surface of the skin. The massage tightens the delicate tissues of the skin and muscles and enhances the blood circulation over the tissues.
* Dark Circles due to fatigue: Dark circles emerges over the suface of the skin due to excessive tension and drowsiness with unwanted fatigue and loss of appropriate sleep. Such consequences helps in increase in the prolonged illnesses of the body and affecting the supple skin of a human body and causing condition such as: anemia, dietary deficiencies; migraine and some kidney disease. Blackheads are formed due to hardens that occurs due to collection of excessive oils over the surface of the skin.
The tip of the grease that got clogged is rather exposed to air pollutants and oxidizes and turning the surface to get black marks in return. The other ailments are as follows: Cellulite; Ecthyma; Freckles; Chapped lips; Skin Abscess; Blemishes; Lentigo; Melasma; Pimples; Warts; Whiteheads; Eczema; Leucoderma; Boils; Vitiligo; etc.

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