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Stability Ball Pikes

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Step 1

Starting Position: Begin in an all-fours position with your torso on the ball and hands and feet on the floor. Lengthen your legs and stretch your heels to the back of the room. Your hands should be under your shoulders.
Take a few deep breaths. Notice how your abdominals want to rest on the ball when you inhale.
Exhale and pull your abdominals away from the ball. Try to keep them pulled away even when you inhale. This is your abdominal engagement.

Step 2

Once you have established your abdominal engagement, slowly walk your hands forward until your feet come off the floor. Continue walking out until the fronts of your thighs or knees are resting on the top of the ball in a plank position.
It is important to keep your ribcage knitted together and the abdominals strong in order to maintain a rigid torso. Your legs should be very active so that your entire body is straight as a board and aligned parallel to the floor.
Keep your shoulder blades pulling away from your shoulders and toward your hips. Elbows must be straight and hands directly under your shoulders. Keep your legs active.

Step 3

Curling Phase: Exhale. Keeping your legs straight and strong, pull your feet toward your chest. The ball will roll forward as your hips pike upward toward the ceiling. Continue this movement until your hips are directly over your shoulders. Your legs, torso and arms should all be straight and strong. Keep your neck long; your head between your arms. Your can point your toes but always keep your toes connected to the top of the ball.
NOTE: This brings your body into somewhat of a handstand position. Be aware of your shoulder strength and keep the elbows straight.

Step 4

Lowering Phase: Inhale and slowly lower yourself back towards the floor, returning your body to the starting position.
Avoid arching (sagging) your lower back or hiking your hips upwards in the starting position. Contract your abdominal, back and glute muscles to keep your torso and legs parallel to the floor.

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