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Allergy Mites

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either by simply having a glance at their structure of the body organs or makes us sick to just think over them in our dreams with a haunted outlook.

Allergy Mites

The home dust mites are available in every nook and corner of our house from sofa to carpet and other dark and dingy areas of the room where there are sufficient spaces and moisture to hibernate and produce tiny eggs for multiplying there numbers drastically to affect the entire region of the house and causing other contingencies to get rid of them easily by adopting hard measures of eradication by the members of the family.
There are different forms of dust and dirt mites for ex: Lice and ticks which are easily visible on our domestic pets such as: cats and dogs; Spiders and scorpions etc. As some of the dirt and dust mites are air-borne to fly through one corner of the room to another there definitely increases a chance to having specific conditions of allergies of the nasal region and some mites are health effective as the health costs increases each day.
When our body sloughs the mites starts feeding over out dead skin surface and cause symptoms of allergies altogether. In turn the mites makes our body to itch and scratch over the skin surface because their presence our easily felt at the dark dust bunnies of out kitchen section of the house where discarded cookie crumbs and chips are left-over without proper eating them and finishing them instantly which invites dust mites to feed on them.
The qualities of dust mites to understand their specific habitat in our house is hatching; than growing in large numbers; feeding over waste; defecating; mating with each other under the strict prevalence of breeding habits and then ultimately laying eggs around the moisture region to multiply again and again.
If a dust mite leaves its invisible droppings over the surface of any area or part of the room you will definitely start suffering from red pigmentations or marks all over your skin surface with excessive amount of itch. The acute conditions of breathing stale air inside the room causes symptoms of asthma inside the patient’s bloodstream. Houses that are build under temperate climatic conditions or normal altitudes are less likely to invite dust mites whereas low-line regions such as houses of the plateau region; houses over high mountains and dry houses in acute cold region consists of dust mites but in extremely few numbers.
It is prohibitively impossible to eradicate the problem of dust mite completely from our houses. Infantile eczema in children is the commonest feature of dust mite and affects the healthy possibility in elder children as well. Sweeping inside the house with someone sitting near to it is a complete avoidance of having to catch the symptoms of asthma and wheezing every time the dusting place is swept around with entire dust mixing with air-granules and mites to enter into out breathing tube and feeding inside for relatively prolonged period.
It is recommended by dermatologists and cosmetologists to pay undivided attention to the details mentioning the hotelier vacations and other drier conditions; avoiding the same spare beds of one’s relatives or friends or traveling in a group with a caravan.; avoiding the vacuum cleaner emptying with bare hands without covering the necessary open-areas of the mouth and hands or even while making beds early in the morning; trying to keep an upholstered furniture availability in every nook and corner to minimum level with minimum housing capacity because dust mites stays over the wooden surface for many-many years; Trying to use ADS special sprays which is a tannic acid solution for the unwanted dust mites. Animal dander; pollen allergen etc are breakdown due to such spray; usage of the washable zipping encases are also increasing persistently in the domestic markets.

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