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Natural Cure of Yeast Infection

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Tips on Natural Cure for yeast Infection
Plain yogurt
1. Yogurt carries good bacteria, which are good for your body. Yogurt that you use in natural cure of yeast infection, should be plain. Do not buy a sweetened yogurt because yeast loves sugar. You can use the yogurt internally or externally.
2. Eat enough yogurt to help the good bacteria in your body and vagina grow. Eat the yogurt just before food. This will certainly help you.
3. For external use, you can use yogurt in your vagina. By using a tampon you can insert plain yogurt into your vagina. If you do not like inserting, then you can simply rub it at the outside of the your private part. This will help.
4. Check the time till when you should keep it inside. Then wipe it dry.
5. You can make the yogurt at your home also. That will be better as you can try different milk types.
1. Garlic is very effective against yeast. Garlic will kill the yeast. So you can take a garlic tab or a garlic clove and insert it into your private part.
2. Keep it for a few hours.
3. Garlic will sooth your itching caused by yeast.
4. Try and find out natural and pure garlic only
5. For internal use, you can eat a garlic clove, if you can take the smell. You can also press garlic cloves and take it with water
6. Taking garlic everyday will help you fight yeast infection
Apple-cider vinegar
1. You can use apple-cider vinegar internally and externally.
2. While using externally, do not use it directly. It may burn your skin.
3. Add to tub or water and bath with that water.
4. Do not use plain white vinegar. It work opposite and increases the yeast population.
5. For a full day relief, apple cider vinegar is good
6. Select it well before using
1. Drink water. IF your body gets the required amount of water, then it will help you fight the problems, even like yeast infection.
2. More water helps you to get rid of the excess sugar which may be the feed for the yeasts present in your vagina.
3. It is natural, and so has no side effects
4. Make sure you get the quality water for drinking
Oil of Oregano
1. It is a herb.
2. You can use it internally
3. Using it daily will help you to get rid of the yeast infection

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