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Manic Depression

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What is Manic Depression

A Manic Dipression is a Bipolar disease of the brain which is also known upon as Manic-depressive stage illnesses of the brain. There are noticed certain unusual shifts in the perceptions and sheer mood of the patient suffering from such specific disease with changes in the energy level and inability to function the various organs efficiently for longer span of time.
On a whole Manic Depression is a complete seizure of the brain with unusual after-affects to lead a normal comfortable life. The sheer symptoms of bipolar disease of such nature are extremely severe by nature.
A problematic school functioning by a school goer; damaged relationships and poor work orientation at the job are some of the criteria that are enhanced and have been researched by vaious scientists and researchers overtime. The drastic affect of such disease occurs in te population which isn’t more then 18-years-of-age and globally 2.6 population worldwide is effected by it.
The biggest contingency of Manic Depression is that it’s a long-term illness of the brain which should be carefully managed and focused upon just like heart diseases etc. An immediate distortion occurs in the thoughts with fickle moods that are unexpected and for some precisely dangerous to deal with. There is an incitement of dreadful thoughts connected to it that destroys the basis of thoughts or erodes the desire and needs to have a specific will to live or survive.
The disease is a biological origin of the human body and the disease uniquely confer to the advantages and pleasurable moments but with an unendurable sufferings in last and infrequently relating to suicidal tendencies. When it turns out to be suicidal it takes the shape of a highly-contagious disease of the human body.
A moderate or mild mania level diagnosed by a specific doctor is called upon as ‘Hypomania’. The excessive Hypomania is recognised by the family members as mood swinging of the patient suffering from it and in fact the patient feels at home with the things he comes in contact with like its association with appropriate functioning of the body and enhanced productivity of the muscles and bones. The bipolar disease prevents a patient where he can deny that anything is wrong but it’s true according to the way how he sees the world. This form of Hypomania takes the shape of depression in return.

Signs and Symptoms of Manic Depression

* Psychosis symptoms such as: Hallucinations/ Peronoid Delusions(hearing, seeing unwanted things around, sensing the presence of things, strongly held beliefs of unlogical reasoning, delusion of Grandiosity(being a President or Prime Minister of the state), Guilt, ruining of one’s life, penniless feelings, to commit terrible crime.
* Having a feeling of burden for family members;
* The patient might abuse drugs or alcohol;
* Irritability at extreme levels;
* Talking rapidly and having racing thoughts with jumping from one idea to another;
* Having a little sleep (sleeping insomnia);
* Having a poor judgement;
* Having increased sexual drive;
* Intrusive and Provocative with aggressive behavior;
* Change in appetite

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